Astrophotography Software

Software I use for Astrophotography

Here’s a list of the software I use for imaging, processing, and analysing

PHD – Push Here Dummy

PHD is the one stop piece of software for autoguiding. It’s super simple to set-up and use, and combined with a correctly set up autoguider it will enable you to take very long exposures. If you have an autoguider, you NEED this software.

Orion Starshoot autoguider owners should download the software from Orion to make PHD and the Starshoot play nice!


If you’re shooting with a Canon DSLR, you cannot go past BackyardEOS for setting up your imaging session. BackyardEOS can also talk with PHD to perform dithering by moving the mount every shot. BYE has live frame and focus support, including support for various focus aids.

Plenty of options for assisting you in taking your flat, dark, and bias frames too.


Advanced astro-image processing software that will confuse newcomers. This is one very powerful piece of software, it runs on Linux, Windows and OSX, and once you learn how to use it you’ll start doing everything you can with it. I’m not quite there yet, I often turn to DSS (next heading down) for the initial registration and stacking of my images. I think this is mostly due to familiarity and ease of use.

There are many, many tools to aid with processing images in Pixinsight. Each one of the many tools available has many options within, and be warned, there isn’t a huge amount of official documentation. Your best best here is to Google it, or ask around on reddit.


Free! Also very, very easy to use. You can get some very quick results using this fantastic piece of software, and it won’t take you very long. It gives you suggestions on what options might be best for certain images, and it does a good job of aligning shots.


This is a bit of a given – it has been the go-to software for photo processing for a long time now… and I’ve been using it for quite some time so I’m somewhat familiar with it. If you have a very recent camera and the latest version of Photoshop you shouldn’t have any problems reading the RAW images. Older versions of Photoshop might lack support for the latest camera RAW images. Or just use DSS/PixInsight to process the RAW images :)


The free open source alternative to Photoshop – I sometimes find myself preferring GIMP over Photoshop for image processing. For the most part, this is a perfect replacement for Photoshop.


Excellent open source planetarium software. Not only can you see a simulation of the night from any location on Earth, you can control your telescope! When set up and connected correctly, you can find an object in Stellarium, press ctrl+1, and the telescope will slew to the co-ordinates. Easy!


Very cool open source software that will process your images and provide an annotated result. You can run the software yourself if you like, but it isn’t easy for a beginner to pick up. They provide a web interface that can process images but I haven’t tried it.

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