mceusb + H97 chipset + Linux

I had to upgrade my MythTV/Kodi machine today due to a motherboard fault that prevented my GT640 from working, and was causing some VERY strange issues with the GT220 I was using. The HDMI audio would drop out and only come back with a reboot, the network would be “up” but wouldn’t actually work. Probably some other issues too, but they aren’t really the point of this post.

I upgraded from a Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3LR to an ASUS H97-PLUS – and in the process from a Q6600 to an i5-4460. This was a straight swap – just upgraded the motherboard, CPU and graphics card (since I had that GT640 laying around…). Ubuntu didn’t mind at all, it just worked.

I really only had one thing that wasn’t functioning – the IR remote control! Pretty vital for a media centre PC :)

The receiver was detected fine, it shows up in lsusb, the correct modules are loaded, there is an input device created, but none of the LIRC diagnostic tools would show anything, and Kodi didn’t react at all to my key presses. I tried a bunch of different devices but still, nothing. About to give up and just use an Android phone as my remote, I found some information about xhci vs ehci on the Kodi forums. It turns out switching the USB options in the BIOS from xhci to ehci fixes the problem!

The problem with this “fix” is it will essentially turn the USB3.0 ports into USB2.0 ports. For me this isn’t a problem – I don’t currently have anything but TV tuners and the remote plugged into them.

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