NGC 253 – The Sculptor Galaxy – one year on…


It has been almost exactly one year since I first shot NGC 253, and I’ve managed to acquire some new hardware and software in the past year that has made a huge difference. What better way to test my new gear and software than to re-shoot one of my first targets!

Registration and stacking was performed in DeepSkyStacker, post processing in PixInsight, and some tweaking in Photoshop.

  • Date: 17/10/2014
  • Location: Adelaide, South Australia
  • Camera: Canon 450d w/ IR filter removed, GSO coma corrector
  • ISO800 & ISO1600
  • Mount: HEQ5PRO
  • Scope: GSO 8″ f/5 Newtonian
  • Autoguider: Orion Starshoot AG
  • Imaging: BackyardEOS w/ PHD dithering
  • Guiding: PHD2
  • 50 bias frames, 20 flat frames, 28 light frames (300 second ISO 800, 150 second ISO 1600)

The original from a year ago:


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