New coma corrector!

I’ve been battling some odd colour fringes around stars with my photos, and I figure that the only part of the optical train that might be causing this is the Bintel coma corrector. I noticed that the lens has a slight rattle to it and that the locking nut was ever so slightly loose.

I decided to pick up a Baadar MPCC for several reasons – it seems quite popular for astrophotography, it is much lighter than the Bintel CC, and it is decently priced.


Quite a significant drop in weight! It also sits flush against the focus tube, meaning I don’t have to worry about getting the right distance as much as I did with the Bintel CC. And since it sits closer, the weight of the camera has less of an effect on the overall balance of the telescope.

Some test shots show that coma is greatly reduced around the edges of the image (better than with the Bintel CC), and although it’s a bit early to tell, the colour fringing appears to have been eliminated.