NGC 2467 – Skull and Crossbones nebula

NGC 2467

Thirty-Three 5-minute light frames, calibrated, registered, stacked, and post-processed using PixInsight. This may well be the most exposures I have taken of one object in one night, and the resulting reduction in noise is fantastic!

Date taken: 05/01/2016
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Camera: Canon 450d w/ IR filter removed, GSO coma corrector
Mount: HEQ5PRO
Scope: GSO 8″ f/5 Newtonian
Autoguider: Orion Starshoot AG
Imaging: BackyardEOS w/ PHD dithering
Guiding: PHD2
50 bias frames, 20 dark frames, 50 flat frames.
Total integration time: 165 minutes


  • BatchPreProcessing, calibration and debayer
  • Blink to find and remove any really bad frames
  • Star Alignment
  • Blink to make sure everything aligned well
  • Image integration (using Winsorized Sigma Clipping)
  • Automatic Background extraction


  • Background Neutralisation
  • Colour Calibration
  • Histrogram Transformation
  • TGVDenoise (masked, L channel extracted post-histogram extraction)
  • UnsharpMask (masked, with a range mask so only the interesting nebulae were affected)
  • Histrogram Transformation x2 to further stretch the image after noise reduction
  • Curves Transformation x2 to bring out the colours
  • scnr to remove the green tinge
  • DynamicCrop, removing the less interesting edges of the images

Far less effort was required to reduce the noise in this image – TGVDenoise was able to eliminate almost all of the small scale noise in a single pass without ruining the details of the nebula.